Broiler Chicken Growth and Development 


Student Conducted Research  - Abstract

To what extent does the brand of feed affect the growth rate of broiler chickens? In order to properly investigate this question an experiment was performed to test how three different brands of chicken feed affected the growth rate of broiler chickens. Broiler chickens are chickens raised specifically for the meat. The chickens were split into three groups and only fed one type of feed. The chickens were weighed on a regular basis in order to determine the growth rate. At the end of the experiment, the results were analyzed and compared to the ingredients of the feed. The chicken feed did seem to have an effect on the growth rate of the chickens because the groups of chickens grew at different rates. Moreover, a probable explanation that was brought up for the varying growth rates was genetic rather than the feed. However, this explanation did not seem to be accurate because the chickens grew at approximately the same rate when they were fed the same feed before the chickens were given the different feed. The different feeds all had some of the same ingredients, but they also had ingredients that were only in one of the feeds. In addition, the ingredients that were the repeated in each type of feed varied in amounts. This made it impossible to pinpoint whether one ingredient caused the size differences, but the results seemed to suggest that it was a combination of the different ingredients that caused the varying sizes of the chickens.


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